Personal Protection Equipment

Unique Personal Protection Equipment

You might have thought that every type of PPE safety equipment is already used in the workplace. You might not realize that there’s a new piece of protective equipment that’s helping a ton of people. It’s called the Cantouchit and you can get yours today.

The Cantouchit is a plastic accessory that allows you to interact with different objects without having to touch them directly. This piece of personal protection equipment is specially designed to let you open and close doors, press buttons, hold on in public transport and handle credit cards. All the while, you don’t have to worry about touching dirty surfaces. On top of it all, Cantouchit can be used over and over again, and easily cleaned if it ever gets too dirty.

This an additional layer of protection that anyone in the world can enjoy, and it keeps your hands clean. One method of staying clean is to use gloves or continuously wash your hands, but these methods can be improperly done which will be harmful to your health. You might find it easier to use a piece of PPE safety equipment like the Cantouchit.

The Cantouchit was made by a genius group of designers that made sure this tool has a lot of different purposes. In light of the new environment where people are conscientious of surfaces they touch, the Cantouchit is a great choice.

There are a few different methods of carrying the Cantouchit around. Use the keyring hole, the utility slot, or keep it in your back pocket.

The Cantouchit is made of 100% recycled equipment. It’s a unique piece of personal protection equipment that doesn’t harm the environment like other items do.

When you buy the Cantouchit, you have options of buying them in packages or bulk for a discounted rate. You can certainly buy only one, but you never know when you’ll need it and you don’t want to forget your Cantouchit. You can purchase it in a bundle of 2, 5, 10, or 24. For your company, Cantouchit can print your logo and colors on the display, but your brand on the handle of the Cantouchit, or change the color of the unit.

Cantouchit is ushering in the future of personal protection equipment, and they’re hitting the ground running. You can pick up your own Cantouchit when you visit their website. They sell direct-to-consumer to keep the price low for you, and they sell in bulk to make it even more affordable.

You can email, call, or message them directly through their site. When you want to keep your hands clean from infected surfaces, you need a Cantouchit so you can touch it.