Touchless Door Opener

Strong Touchless Door Opener

When you run into a door that doesn’t have a pushbutton, you start weighing your options. You want to avoid touching the dirty door with your bare hand, so you have to get creative. That is, unless you have the Cantouchit in your pocket.

Introducing the Cantouchit. The Cantouchit is a portable, everyday carry PPE. It will keep your hands clean while still allowing you to interact with the world around you. Open doors, press buttons, and handle your items safely when you use the Cantouchit. You won’t have to worry about germs and bacteria living on your hands because the Cantouchit makes sure your hands never touch these surfaces. It can be used repeatedly and easily cleaned when the product gets dirty.

It becomes a constant battle to try to do everyday tasks in a way that keeps your hands clean. That’s why the smart people at Cantouchit designed this great device. It’s a simple tool that you can carry with you at all times, and it has so much functionality. It’s one of the first pieces of everyday carry PPE that keeps your hands clean in a variety of different situations.

It’s hard to find a no touch door opener that’s strong as well as environmentally friendly. The Cantouchit is the exception to this. It’s made from 100% recycled plastic and it’s super strong. It can carry over 25 pounds with no problem! The engineers at Cantouchit thought of everything.

The Cantouchit has a number of different ways you can carry it around. A keyhole lets it clip to a keychain on your belt loop. A utility slot allows the Cantouchit to slide onto your pants pocket. Of course, it’s small and light enough to fit right into your pocket, too.

The handle of the Cantouchit is comfortable and makes the tool really easy to use.

A lot of business and residential homes don’t have touchless door opener options available, so you have to bring your own, and that’s why the Cantouchit is so great. It hit the market at the perfect time – you can get your own Cantouchit today.

For one of the strongest and most useful no touch door opener, you need to try out the Cantouchit. They designed a sleek tool that will keep your hands clean while you live your life.

You can visit Cantouchit online today to learn more about the brand and their first big product. Find out what their mission is, and see how easy it is to incorporate the Cantouchit into your life. When you want to keep your hands clean, a great way is to use a Cantouchit. You can email them or message them directly through the site if you have any questions. Get your own Cantouchit today to keep germs away from your hands.